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June 16, 2008
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Jeita pp12-13 by Majnouna Jeita pp12-13 by Majnouna
Skipping the spread that briefly goes over a French expedition and the exploits of 2 mad Americans, the Ward-Thompson expedition had its fair share of aventures, starting with the fact that as they carried planks and empty fuel tins to build a raft 2 km in, they had to carry their lights between their teeth.
After many more mishaps, they collapsed on a beach of white sand that looked as though it was the home of the devil, as big drops falling from the ceiling had left very odd "hoof" marks in the sand. This was followed by crawling over very painful ground in a long corridor they appropriately named Purgatory...

I went a little abstract with the backgrounds here to keep the comical effect prominent ;)

That quote under the first scene is a comment made by Bliss (grandson of the one from the first expedition): "It's a good thing we can't see. We'd never dare do this if we could see what we were doing." :lmao:
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How is it that you're able to make an educational book a page turner? Huh? :)

Love the book so far (although I'm pissed about the missing pages!).

For this page, the pane thing works really well (and I found the whole paint spilling to the other one funny), but I was a bit confused after the first pane on whether to go horiz or vert for the next one (but that's not a big deal since you can always figure it out after reading)
Majnouna Jun 30, 2008  Professional General Artist
Hihi thanks :XD:
The reading direction is a bit confusing here, yes, but in the printed book the spread is split in the middle by the spine and that sets things straight :)
"It's a good thing we can't see. We'd never dare do this if we could see what we were doing."
mwahahahaa, that is SO right!

i love the expression the dr. has in purgatory (great naming skills there!), it's hilarious!

i love the way you kept the background simple and abstract, it makes the foreground stand out so much more.
Majnouna Jun 21, 2008  Professional General Artist
:giggle: Thanks! Yes, sometimes a detailed background is just unwanted :)
It's funny, and scary at the same time, considering what they had to go through.

Bottom left image looks like it could go in The Far Side, somehow.

Oh, and the devil is cute! :)
Majnouna Jun 19, 2008  Professional General Artist
Yes, plenty of adrenaline! But now I'm dying to do that :)
Hehe thanks :aww:
ikite-hoshi-sama Jun 16, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
I'd make a comment about how not all of us Americans are mad, but that'd be a flat-out lie =p
Majnouna Jun 17, 2008  Professional General Artist
ikite-hoshi-sama Jun 17, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
DBZMerciter2005 Jun 16, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the painterly look of the backgrounds, particularly the blue one. :)
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