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February 24, 2009
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Scrapbook Awareness Campaign by Majnouna Scrapbook Awareness Campaign by Majnouna
The Scrapbook, which appears in the list of categories you can submit a new deviation to, is not used the way it was meant to be, resulting in galleries choked with pieces that should not be there. The masters preserved their scraps carefully, but they knew better than to throw them up alongside their masterpieces. Why would anyone think it's a good thing to have a gallery where one needs to wade through scraps to find a polished piece? What do they think such a "portfolio" says about their abilities? And what do they think dA looks like to an outside visitor? Clearly we, collectively, need to rehabilitate scraps.

The way I see it there are two main reasons why deviants are reluctant to post in scraps:

1. There seems to be a defensive attitude, especially among younger members, about placing anything in the scrapbook, as if that folder was unworthy of anything they can produce. This is an unnecessary prejudice about a word whose only sin is to rhyme with "crap" (it happens to the best of us.) A scrapbook, or sketchbook, is just this: a place for spontaneous jottings and sketches that are not meant to be taken to completion. It's where you can be really free. It allows you to post things that may be cool but would bring the overall quality of your gallery down things that you want your friends to see but wouldn't leave out of your portfolio. dA introduced the scrapbook so that such things could be posted despite their not meeting the standards all other art communities impose. Seriously, your scrapbook deserves some love. It's time people understood it is not a dumpster, but a place that allows you to be sloppy within the site without compromising the standard of the galleries that is, it would be if it was put to good use. What you can do about this:
- Use your scrapbook the way it's meant to be used!
- Report scraps the same way you report miscats.
- Use the stamp to spread the word.

2. We all know scraps don't get as much exposure, because they are not automatically activated when you devwatch someone. As a result, people prefer to post a regular deviation and later (maybe) move it to scraps. The desire for whatever you post to be seen is understandable, but this is only a patch, not a solution. Hopefully in the future the scraps activation will be automatic, but that doesn't mean we should just sit and wait for it to happen:
- Remember to activate scraps when you add someone to your watch, and perhaps even let them know that you did this as part of the effort to rehabilitate the use of the Scrapbook.
- Ask your watchers to watch your scraps if they want to see everything you post, because you'll be using them for looser work.
- Use the stamp ;) Here are other stamps that feel the same way:
[link] [link] [link] [link]

Above all remember: this is about educating fellow deviants into using the Scrapbook, not about harrassing them for not doing so! Now go forth and spread the good word :XD:
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jules-101 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014
Well, this is where I want to start. Thanks for the directions :)
Majnouna Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Professional General Artist
Sure :)
Cinder678 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
So,you say it's under the Submit Art tab? Well<I can't find it!! Would it be the Portfolio?
Majnouna Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Professional General Artist
It's under the categories in the deviation submission page.
Cinder678 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
Thanks! I'll look for it!
mo-yi Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
me so hony!
LaLangostaAnsiosa Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011  Student General Artist
Waaay late in commenting about this one (and I apologize if someone already said this), but renaming "Scrapbook" to "Sketchbook" might clear up some of the confusion as to what the section is for, as scrapbooking and sketching are two completely different activities.
Majnouna Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011  Professional General Artist
Yes and no. Scrapbooking hijacked the word scrapbook, which retains its original meaning.
LaLangostaAnsiosa Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2011  Student General Artist
Ah, true. It's just that when I think of a scrapbook, I automatically think of paper clippings and a lock of baby's first hair. =P
lamborjinni Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011
There are a lot of things that I'm reluctant to post here on DA, as they're not exactly quality art(?) but this made me feel a whole lot better about it. :') thank you!
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